Healthy Living A to Z: E (A Thanksgiving Special!)

Eating Wise

How can we prevent putting on the pounds this holiday season?

  • Go for a walk in the morning and after dinner with the family. This will promote family bonding and physical activity!
  • Eat Breakfast!! Don’t “save” your calories for the big meal, you need a small high-protein breakfast to give you more control over your appetite later in the day. It’s never a good idea to skip a meal.
  • Pick and Choose. Yes, Thanksgiving is an exciting day for everyone, but you can have corn on the cob year round, right? It’s okay to pick and choose your food. Survey the buffet before filling your plate and decide what holiday exclusives you absolutely are dying to try.
  • Listen to your gut. Just because you had two plates last year, doesn’t mean you have to break that record this year. If you stomach is telling you no more, listen.
  • Eat slowly and savor your food. You will end up consuming less and avoiding the dreaded unbuttoning of the pants.
  • Lastly, spend time with your loved ones. It’s not just the food we have to be thankful for (although I sure do love some apple pie!)


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