Web Streaming Update Fall 2014

We are back at it once again. Football, soccer, and volleyball are the sports we cover in the Fall. We have already live streamed 12 games this year. We are also featuring new software to hopefully make our viewers happier!
Game Central 2.0
One of the nice things about this new version of our viewing portal software is the live stats will now automatically show up beside the live video stream (if available for the game). Like the new University website we rolled out this year, our game central portal is now a responsive web design. This means it will automatically respond to whatever your screen size is and deliver the best possible video and stats, sized appropriately for your device. Other features we are hoping to take advantage of in the near future are:
  • Instant Highlights – allows us to grab highlights during the game and allow viewers to watch these either in-game or after the broadcast.
  • Multiview – You can now watch our live broadcast and up to three additional On-Demand broadcasts.
  • HD Broadcasts – We are hoping to move to a high definition (1080p) broadcast next year.
Student Turnover
We had three seniors graduate last year from the broadcast team. This meant that there was only one student returning with any experience. I apologize if any of you have had any frustrations viewing games this year. Please bear with us as our new students Hy Nguyen, Yangyuan Xu, and Sean O’Carroll get experience using the camera and get up to speed on all of our sporting events. Some of the games have been a little rough around the edges, especially football. I have been working with them and sending them notes after each game. They are really bright kids and will hopefully improve very quickly!
Another bad part of the student turnover is that we no longer have any students who will be doing play-by-play and commentary for the games. We lost Matt Rooney, Matt Siegert and Zach Szkowny who also graduated last year.  I was hoping to have a sit down committee meeting to discuss this during the Summer, but the website launch kept me too busy. I am still hoping to have one of our alumni come back (Tommy Gilbert) and talk with the committee about ideas to keep students in the pipeline for these duties. I will keep everyone posted on this.
Viewer Statistics
One of the drawbacks to the new version of Game Central is that there are currently no viewer numbers available. Ryan Emerling, from Stretch Internet, assures me that they will have this feature restored by the end of October. Hopefully, I will be able to post viewers stats with my next update

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