Streaming Update Fall 2013-14

We are at it again this year. ITS and Athletics have provided financial support to pay for the streaming services again this year. We have also hired a new student (Erik Mena) to add to our team. Things are going well and we have had higher numbers in volleyball than ever before!

New Bandwidth
Chris Rutledge and his network services team have the new Central Illinois Regional Broadband Network bandwidth addition hooked in and in use. This upgraded us from a 155MB Internet connection to 700MB of usable bandwidth. So far this semester, we have only seen 350MB being used as our maximum. This not only means that we should no longer see our streaming broadcasts cut out when being viewed on campus, but should allow normal Internet use in the afternoon when it was very sketchy before this upgrade. Let me know if you still have problems on campus viewing a live or recorded broadcast.

Positive Feedback
Our game against the University of Chicago not only provided us with our highest viewer numbers for volleyball to date (64), but it also generated some good will! Kim Nelson-Brown passed along this letter from a viewer from the opposing team. We try to be fair in our broadcast as far as showing the other team during time outs and during warm up periods. Although, we do favor our team!  🙂 It was nice of this person to take the time to send this message while viewing the volleyball game from California:

Dear Coach,
  I am sorry your team lost tonight but I enjoyed watching my daughter from the University of Chicago on your webcast.
  She is a senior,  #10, Katie Huntington.
  Living out in Oakland, CA, I don’t get a chance to see many games in person.
  I appreciate your school taking the time and investing in showing the match. I want to you know people are watching.
The graphics were also very easy to read.
 Thank you again and good luck with the Titans this season.
Jim Huntington
Oakland, CA

WESN Plans
Matthew Siegert has let me know that WESN does plan on covering Football games this semester and basketball games for our winter schedule. This is especially tough on Matt since he is actually playing during football games!  🙂  He is trying to get a crew together to provide play-by-play and color commentary for the games. This adds so much to our broadcasts and helps keep our numbers for these sports high compared to other sports. It would be nice if we could find students interested in calling soccer and volleyball games. If you know someone who is interested, please pas this along to Matt.

Viewer Statistics
Women’s Soccer vs. Adrian 33
Men’s Soccer vs. Webster  30
Women’s Soccer vs. MSOE  22
Volleyball vs. Eureka  15
Men’s Soccer vs. Simpson 40
Men’s Soccer vs. Central College 34
Volleyball vs. Univ. of Chicago 62
Women’s Soccer vs. Univ. of Chicago 42
Volleyball vs. William Woods 40
Men’s Soccer vs. Univ. of Chicago 58


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