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Streaming Update Spring 2013

The Bandwidth is Coming!
Trey Short has just reported that the Central Illinois Regional Broadband Network upgrade is targeted to go live on July 1st. This means we will be upgrading from our existing 155MB Internet connection to a 1GB connection! This should fix the issue Tony Bankston reported in our last streaming update (broadcasts cutting out when viewing from on campus). We are all very excited about this upgrade in ITS.

Smaller Numbers, But a Loyal Audience
We do have a smaller audience for softball & baseball compared to the number of viewers for basketball & football. However, this audience does seem to be more vocal in their support of our streaming efforts. Every baseball game I have attended I have had someone talk with me about how much they appreciate us covering the games. I had one guy tell me about watching Titan games for over 50 years and thought it was great that we are now broadcasting the games! Another guy told me about going to school at IWU and having a radio show with WESN. He was very impressed with our broadcasts featuring the WESN announcers! He is now working for Elmhurst and having a hard time rooting against the Titans. Recently, a mother asked if we were going to cover the doubleheader of baseball this Saturday. She informed me that she is not going to be able to attend and told me that it was senior day and was hoping to catch the ceremony prior to the game. I told her that I would have to talk with Dennie & Mike about this change (we are scheduled to broadcast the softball games). I did tell her that I would setup earlier to ensure that we cover the ceremony prior to the start of the game, if we do get to cover these games. Don’t be alarmed if our schedule changes this weekend.¬† ūüôā

Tommy’s Night
If you are not familiar with Tommy’s Night, it is an awards show put on by the student-athlete advisory committee and the athletic department. Last Monday’s award show was very well done. In particular, I would encourage committee members to check out the On Demand version of this on our Stretch site and slide over to the 1hour and 35minute mark to view Fightin’ Titan Award winner Angel Garcia (custodian for Shirk Center). As Mike Wagner describes, Angel essentially had the worst year of his life and still supported Athletics in a way only Angel could. It is a very touching tribute. By the way, Angel always offers to help our student workers carry and set up our equipment when he is working. He is such a nice guy.

One thing you will notice about the stats is that we covered a lot of doubleheaders for baseball and softball. This is an economical use of our time allowing us to cover two games in a short period of time with only one setup. Here are our most recent viewer numbers:

Softball vs Monmouth  15
Softball vs Monmouth  14
Baseball vs Millikin  38
Baseball vs Millikin  30
Softball vs North Central  30
Softball vs North Central  46
Softball vs Augustana  27
Softball vs Augustana  23
Softball vs Elmhurst  29
Softball vs Elmhurst  22
Baseball vs Knox  54
Softball vs Washington U.  18
Softball vs Anderson  21
Baseball vs Elmhurst  28
Tommy’s Night¬† 45
Baseball vs Augustana  56