Streaming Video Winter/Spring 2013

As we move into the Winter/Spring 2013 schedule I thought it would be good to review how things have gone this past year. We now have three student workers who are completely independent and have worked at all regular sporting events. We can now count on them to cover most broadcasts with very little assistance from myself or Michael. We had a string of equipment and network related problems which caused cancellation of broadcasts. We had our highest viewer numbers for soccer ever. Despite some problems, things are going very well and we continue to improve each game we broadcast. Here are some details from our 2012 streaming schedule:

If you are looking for a good laugh, just pull up this link of the women’s soccer game vs. North Park that took place last Thursday. Watch a few seconds from the start of the game where everything looks normal then take the play bar to almost the end of the game. Yeah, they had to stop filming because it got completely ridiculous! I can’t believe the game continued under those conditions. We did win the game 5-0. I have a new respect for those girls who played in this game. Completely crazy!

We had a series of problems during the fall 2012 streaming broadcasts.

  • A Stretch software update ended up breaking our older Mac laptop when we tried to upgrade the OS to accommodate this update. Luckily, Roy and Trey got together and provided us a new laptop. This new laptop is much better than the old one. We now provide streaming video at a steady 30 frames per second. The old laptop would sometimes drop below 12 frames per second on occasion.
  • Our network core upgrade took out a basketball broadcast. We thought we would be okay to proceed with this broadcast for two reasons. The first reason we left this game on the schedule was because we thought the upgrade would be done before the game started. The second reason was because we have a Comcast connection in Shirk and we thought we could use it if our network was still down at game time. To make a long story short, the network upgrade took longer than we thought and the Comcast connection was being used elsewhere and was unavailable to us.
  • This last problem did not cause a broadcast to be missed, but it did leave viewers hearing ambient audio and the PA announcer instead of our student WESN broadcast crew. Our radio finally stopped working and they had to switch over to the ambient microphone instead. Trey has since ordered a new radio. This new radio should offer better reception inside of Shirk Center. We hope to use it on the next broadcast that Matt Siegert and his WESN crew are able to do.

Streaming Stats

  • Tennis vs. North Central  3
  • Women’s Soccer vs. Wash U.  81
  • Volleyball vs. Carthage  32
  • Football vs. Millikin  233
  • Women’s Soccer vs. Milwaukee SOE  20
  • Volleyball vs. North Park  27
  • Football vs. Carthage  238
  • Volleyball vs. Elmhurst  40
  • Women’s Soccer vs. Wheaton  86
  • Men’s Soccer vs. Wheaton  102
  • Men’s Soccer vs. North Park  81
  • Women’s Soccer vs. North Park  51
  • Volleyball vs. Dallas  12
  • Football vs Augustana  162
  • Men’s Basketball vs Coe  134
  • Men’s Basketball vs Loras  64
  • Men’s Basketball vs Illinois College  49
  • Women’s Basketball vs DePauw  75
  • Women’s Basketball vs UW Whitewater  100
  • Men’s Basketball vs Wisconsin – Whitewater  149
  • Women’s Basketball vs U of Chicago  67


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