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As the saying goes, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.” While IWU’s Web Services team adamantly opposes skinning any cats in the process of making a website, we’re excited to give you a new way to create photo galleries for your websites. We’ve been testing it out with the Office of Communications for a few months now, and today we’re releasing it for all of our OmniUpdate users across campus.

The basic idea is this:

  1. Upload your photos to Flickr (which many of you have already been doing)
  2. Create a page in OmniUpdate
  3. Voila!

Simple, right? Okay, let’s go through these steps in more detail.

First, you’ll need a Flickr account. If your department already has one, great! If not, we’ll give you access to the main Illinois Wesleyan Flickr account on a case-by-case basis. Just ask Rick Lindquist or Ann Aubry for credentials.

Once you’re logged in to Flickr, upload the photos you want in your album. Put them all in a specific ‘Set’ (Flickr’s term for a group of photos), and make note of what name you give to that Photoset.

Next, go in to OmniUpdate and create a new page. When it asks what template you want to use for that page, instead of choosing the normal two-column or three-column, click on the “Flickr Photo Gallery” option.

On the next screen, you’ll see four options:

  • Page Title (as usual)
  • Flickr Username – If you’re using the main IWU Flickr account, enter iwuphoto. Otherwise, it’s the user name for your departmental Flickr account.
  • Flickr Album Set – The name of the Set you created earlier. For example, this one would be Photo of the Week.
  • Filename (as usual)

On the next page, you should see your photo album. You can edit everything on the page above the album just like normal, and, when you’re ready, go ahead and publish. It really is that simple!

We know there are a lot of photo galleries out there on the IWU website, but we think this one is so much better, both for visitors and for content stewards, that we anticipate this being the main way forward across the site. (It’ll also fix the aspect ratio distortion problem a few of you have seen when using the built-in OU feature.)

We also encourage you to consider moving your existing photo galleries into Flickr, as you have time, to improve the user experience. If you have any questions about this process, reach out to me, Curtis, Rick, or Ann and we’ll be happy to help!

One response to “Photo Galleries Made Easy

  1. Hey guys! Thanks for the informational session today. I had asked my department chair about moving our messy tabled photo gallery into the new format, but the problem is that we have so many different types of events (from 2005), so I have to figure out the most efficient way to do this. Would it be better to create a separate photo album for each event, or is it possible to separate the photos, in a single album, by sections on our webpage? I’m still trying to get this approved by Nancy, but we don’t have many of the original photos, so most of them would just be the 100×150-ish tiny pictures. Should I do this piece-meal, with the most recent albums first (because I personally took the photos from the last two years or so), or should I hold off?



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