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Streaming Video

Over the course of the 2011-2012 academic year, we have been testing a streaming video service, Stretch Internet, for significant campus events and select sporting events. Overall, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback; long-distance parents love to be able to watch their students play football, soccer, baseball, etc., even when they can’t make it to the game in person. We even heard from one mother who watched the beginning of a baseball game in her car when she was running late! (Don’t worry: her husband was driving.)

We have learned a lot in this pilot year. First and foremost, it can be very difficult to do a lot of these events with a one-camera setup. When we did a track and field meet in January, we had a lot of viewers (well above our average), but even though a handful of events were happening at any given time, all we could really show was the track. Every sport presents its own challenges in terms of finding a good spot to set up.

Finding a reliable internet connection is also sometimes a hit-or-miss venture, since there isn’t always a network port right where we need one. Just yesterday, for instance, we had to scramble when, less than ten minutes before the start of President Eckley’s memorial service, the Chapel’s WiFi started to get bogged down. I ended up bringing over a 4G LTE/WiFi hotspot. (We’re very lucky Bloomington/Normal has such high-speed cell service!)

We’ve got a few more events coming up in the next few weeks. You can watch the athletic events at our GameCentral portal, and Commencement will be streamed through our CampusCentral portal.

This summer, we will be undergoing a review with our campus stakeholders, including Athletics, Alumni Relations, Student Senate, and Communications, to decide if we should continue offering the service in the future and who will provide the ongoing funding and staff. Let us know what you think about it: do you watch it regularly? Do you like the look and feel? Any and all feedback will be appreciated, as we really are evaluating every aspect of the program.

Scheduled Publish and Reminder Options

Among the efficiency-enhancing features in OmniUpdate are scheduling options. You can schedule a page to be published at a future date and time, within 15-minute intervals. 

After editing a page, instead of “publish now,” you can select “schedule.”

publish screen

You will have the option of having the system send you an email notification when the page has been published. This email will include a link to the published page.

You can also schedule a reminder to update a page by clicking on the alarm clock icon next to the file name on the “Pages” screen.

alarm clock

You can use this feature to prompt yourself to update content if you reference timely information that will expire days, weeks or months from now. Now I can remind myself once a year to update President Wilson’s biography indicating the number of years he has served at Illinois Wesleyan.


Also, a “Stale Reminder” lets you send a message to review content if a page hasn’t been edited for a designated period of time. (This “clock” will be reset if an asset within the page is updated and published.)

Both types of reminders can be sent to yourself or all the users in a selected group.