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OmniUpdate comes with a very nice spell check/dictionary built into the editor. You can help make it even better! We have given every user the ability to add words to our IWU collective dictionary. This will come in handy when we add proper names like Eckley, Sheean, Munsell, and Pantagraph to our dictionary. Once added, these names will no longer be highlighted as a possible misspelled word.

spell checkHere is how you use the spell check in OU. When you are editing one of your pages, click on the icon pictured here with the ABC and check mark underneath. Note: You do have to click on the spell check to initiate it. It is not turned on automatically.

spell-check-exampleThis will initiate a scan of your entire page for misspelled words. It will underline words it thinks are misspelled with a red squiggly line. In this example “Pantagraph” is highlighted in red. This is a good example of a word we would want to add to our collective dictionary so it is no longer flagged as a misspelled word.

spell-check-dictionaryJust click on “Pantagraph” and a drop down menu will offer any suggestions to replace this word. Since this is a proper name and properly spelled we would want to add it to our dictionary. Just click “Add to dictionary” to have this word added permanently to our dictionary. Once added, any future spell check made by yourself or anyone else will no longer have “Pantagraph” suggested as a misspelled word. Just make sure the word you are adding is spelled correctly!  🙂

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