Intranet-only webpages – you can, too!

We just made it easier than ever to designate a portion of your website as “intra-only”. All you have to do is make a directory called “intra” and you’ll be good to go! If someone tries to access that directory from off-campus, they’ll see a friendly error message like this, with a link to log in through the campus proxy server.

Forbidden 403 Error

And, to think, all you have to do to take advantage of all this is just to name the directory “intra”.

7 responses to “Intranet-only webpages – you can, too!

  1. This is great!

  2. Does this apply to ~ sites or just those in OUCampus?

  3. Rick Lindquist

    I just tried making an “intra” directory on sun within my public_html and it didn’t seem to work. I can’t find anything at What am I missing?

  4. Hi — I’m trying this out, but maybe I’m doing something wrong:

    I get a “Forbidden” message, but it’s not the custom “Forbidden” message, so I wonder maybe there’s another problem.

    And if I’m accessing it off-campus (like from home) is there a workaround? Or would recommend I put my course notes someplace else?


  5. Amy,
    A forbidden message usually indicates a missing index.html file in this folder. Check and see if that is missing.

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