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Heading Fonts

Heading Fonts

We are making a concerted effort to rein in the varied font choices made available in past versions of our CMS. Because of this, you will notice that h1 – h6 are the current choices available in the “format” drop down menu. Due to a limitation of the TinyMCE editor the heading fonts display as pictured here with a black bold font with decreasing size as you go down from h1 to h6. In actuality “Heading 1” is a large green font, “Heading 2” is gold and so on. You can try these recommended fonts via trial and error or you can view the Font Guidelines page to get a good idea of what is available visually.

We want to eventually get rid of all of the legacy font choices that many sites are still using today and use the newly recommended heading fonts. We also hope to restructure our current heading selections with the next website redesign. We will send detailed instructions to website owners when we are ready to make these changes globally. Until then, if you are in OU working on your pages, please consider changing your headings to one of these new heading fonts.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! Sometimes, I’ve noticed that the fonts appear to be a little glitchy– they don’t always display on the published view in the same way that they do on the editing panel. I’ve tried isolating them in tables, cleaning up the HTML, redoing all of them, and they still seem to arbitrarily change. Have you noticed this problem, or is it just me? 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Melissa,
    I am not seeing this issue. I even tried doing screenshots at different stages (editing, preview, published) and compared those to each other. All were identical. I then tried logging in as a non admin user and tried again. This produced the same results. I then tried different browsers on different operating systems, still with no luck duplicating your issue. I am guessing this may have something to do with code around the headings. Let me know what page you have experienced this on and I will take a look and see if that is the issue. Also, let me know what specifically “changes” about the font or what is “a little glitchy” in how they display. Does the font get smaller, larger, change color, or is the spacing around them different. Thanks.

  3. Mostly, I’ve noticed this on our monster of a photo gallery page. It sometimes occurs with “paragraph”– they display as simple black letters in the edit, then turns to a small, dark green. I also have trouble with our “Eta Sigma Phi” page– the edit displays black, then publishes green, or appears to be heading 3 (the titles), but ends up green (and not heading 1 green). I’ve just checked this again, and it’s still occurring. Hope that helps!

  4. Melissa,
    Wow! I took a look at the Eta Sigma Phi page. There were multiple styles applied to almost every bit of text on that page. There were headings, spans, and styles all piled on top of each other. That was a huge mess of code lying underneath its happy exterior! I have fixed this page, but I would recommend you doing the following on other pages where you notice these style issues. Highlight all of the text in question and then click on the “Remove Formatting” icon in the top center of the OU editor. This should wipe out everything but the heading style and give you a fresh start. It is possible that some of the code will be so convoluted that you would need to go into source code to sort things out. If so, just let me know what pages need help!

  5. Oh, great. I guess I’ll be doing some cleaning this week! 🙂 Thank you!

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