Daily Archives: March 6, 2012

Live Delivery Platform is Coming

Just as we are close to reaping the benefits of  the new OmniUpdate CMS, it is about to get even better! We will be adding the Live Delivery Platform shortly after launch. LDP will offer our CMS users the following new features:

  • Image Galleries
  • Forms
  • Comments

LDP Image Galleries will give users an easy to use interface to create image galleries for their sites. We can configure the galleries to use Lightbox, Fancybox or any other current or future jQuery image manipulation library. Users will insert galleries into pages using the OUCampus Asset interface. You will have control of how the images look in full or thumbnail view. This new feature will definitely improve the user experience when viewing your image galleries using this new interface!

LDP Forms will give users an easier to use interface for creating web forms than the normal OUCampus HTML editor. Users can set up simple feedback forms on their sites as well as more complicated applications. You will have the ability to have the data collected sent to you via email or stored on the server. If you choose to collect the data on the server, you can then output the data to Excel via a simple CSV file. This will make large amounts of data collection very easy to handle!

LDP Comments will allow users to post comments on web pages where you want feedback. Very similar to a blog format, you can decide which pages have comments and whether or not to have comments moderated before comments are actually posted.

We will keep everyone aware of exactly when this will be coming and Rick Lindquist will offer special classes on these new features when they become available.