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Wireless changes coming soon

A lot of people have been confused by our wireless networks of late. This is because there are really two different wireless networks at IWU. This means that there are two sets of physical hardware, each with their own setup process for the user.

There is a new one, which we are calling “IWU Wireless”, that has been installed in a few buildings: Welcome Center, Harriett, Adams, and the East St Apartments. The old wireless network is still called “IWU Secure” and is in all the remaining places, including Ames, Buck, Hansen, and the Memorial Center.

We are tentatively planning to swap out all the old equipment very quickly – perhaps within the next week. We are working on a timeline and documentation for users to switch their computer configurations over to work with the new network.

Once we have new documentation, you will be able to find a link to it on the IT Home Page.

secure wireless – the new way!

Wireless network access has been around for a number of years here at Illinois Wesleyan. At first we had wide-open access in the Hansen Center and Ames Library. Once we were able to impose an LDAP-based authentication system, we began to roll wireless out to additional locations. Now students can surf the wireless in the Bertholf Commons, the Dugout, the Atrium of the CNS and more. Unfortunately getting a computer to talk to the secure wireless access points was not that easy. Continue reading secure wireless – the new way!