Using Respondus Lockdown Browser for Online Exams


Many tech-savvy professors want to move away from giving paper exams, but the requirement that students have to connect to the internet to submit the exam presents too much of a threat to academic integrity. It’s a situation that keeps many professors tied to paper for quizzes and exams.

Thankfully, we have subscribed to Respondus LockDown Browser, a service that integrates with Moodle.  Lockdown Browser is designed for proctored environments, but can be used in an unattended scenario as well. Respondus also has a product called Monitor which is specially designed for unproctored exams. Here is a flyer that explains the difference.

Students can log in to access the Lockdown-enabled quiz or exam in Moodle, but  are not allowed to copy or print information, open web browsers or other applications, or leave the exam screen until their assessment has been submitted. What would a student need to know? This video is a great way to explain this tool from a student perspective.

Turning on LockDown for a quiz in Moodle only requires changing a few settings.

1. Turn editing on, then add the Respondus LockDown Browser block by choosing it from the Add a Block menu.



2. Click on “Dashboard,” to go to the Dashboard, then choose “Modify Settings” from the settings menu for a specific quiz or exam.



3. Click “Enable Respondus LockDown Browser” and choose any additional settings you would like. Save the settings.



4. The Respondus LockDown Browser status will change to “Enabled” on the Dashboard.2016-10-06_12-52-55

All your Moodle tests and quizzes will appear on the dashboard, and you decide which ones should have Respondus LockDown Browser turned on individually.

Each computer your students might use to take a Lockdown quiz needs the Lockdown app to be installed, and we’d like to do that in advance.  If students will use their own laptops we can send them a link to download and install in advance. If they’ll be in a computer lab, we would love to know so we can make sure the newest Lockdown version is installed and tested ahead of time.

If you’d like to give this a try with your students, let Rick at IT Services know!

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