CLA Classroom Computer Updates

A message from Rick Lindquist about equipment updates in CLA:

We’ve been working over the summer to improve the AV experience in all of our campus classrooms. One of my goals is to improve consistency from room to room across campus. To that end, I’ve been replacing aging computers with new models identical to the ones in State Farm Hall.

That means that CLA 105, 200, 205, 305 now have Mac Mini teacher’s stations with the same login and software as SFH rooms. I’ve also installed a Mac Mini in CLA 300, where there was previously only a VCR/DVD.

I’ve cleaned the cabinets and equipment and relabeled all of the switch boxes so I hope the audio selector box will be less confusing. I’ve added wireless keyboards and mice so there is no need to be tied to the AV cabinets any longer. Feel free to operate the teacher’s station from anywhere in the room!

There are two concerns related to the switch to Mac that I’d like to briefly address.

First, I would like the Mac Minis to stay powered on all day. They are programmed to turn off and on automatically at night to save power. I find it to be disruptive if the Mac is unexpectedly powered off between classes, but it can happen. There is a power indicator light on the front of the Mac (in the photo below the Mac is turned off, so the indicator is just a small black dot):

I’ve added a big red arrow to the image pointing to the rear right corner of the Mac. The power button is located back there. One press and the indicator light will come on and the Mac will start up.
Second, some people need Windows software for their classes. We recognize this and have installed software called VMWare Fusion that allows Windows to run on a Mac. All you need to do is click the VMWare icon:
A Windows 7 screen will take over. It may require clicking the big “play button” to get Windows going:
After that, Windows will fill the screen:
I would only recommend using Windows if you need to use SPSS or demonstrate something from the Windows perspective. The Mac has web browsers, PDF readers, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and other software that is analogous to the Windows platform. It saves a few seconds to stay with the Mac when pulling up a Moodle page, playing a slide show or reviewing an article online.
I would be happy to meet anyone in their classroom if you’d like to walk through the AV technology before the start of classes. Just let me know how I can help!

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