Finding the Student or Faculty menu in MyIWU

The MyIWU portal recently underwent some changes. The old site had tabs dedicated to student and faculty materials. The new site is greatly simplified but contains the same content, just in a different place.

For example, you might have gone to the Student Tab to find a link for an unofficial transcript within the old MyIWU portal. Today, you’ll choose the “Banner Self Service” option from the green navigation bar.

BSS link in MyIWU

You’ll find items listed that are relative to your role at Illinois Wesleyan. Some people might see a Student Menu, while others will see the Faculty Menu. A few members of the campus community might see both.

BSS menu

From there, choose the relevant sub-menu. Again, these options will depend on your role on campus. In the case of my transcript example above, you’d pick Student Records.

Student menu

Finally, you would click the Academic Transcript link:

Student records menu

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