Gmail at IWU: Last account activity

Our campus has been feeling some anxiety about password hacks and phishing attempts lately. Of course we want you to have a strong, unique password. And you should always log out of accounts when you are done working. But what should you do if you suspect your account has been compromised?

If you notice unusual email messages in your inbox or especially in your sent messages it could mean that your username and password are being used by the bad guys to send out malicious messages. I recommend using the “Last account activity” feature in Gmail to test out your suspicions:

Gmail inbox - last account activity
Click on the “Details” link to learn more about when your account is being accessed, and from where!

The details window will show you a list of recent account access. If you’ve left other browsers/apps logged in you can click a button to sign them all out. In the list below I can identify all of the activity as either my computer or my iPhone:

Gmail activity
Click the “Sign out all other web sessions” button to close out open Gmail windows on other computers. This is a great option if you’ve left a classroom computer logged in but don’t realize until later!

Of course, if you see unusual activity in this list you should change your campus password right away:

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