Greatest Hits: Password Management

Our Tech Thursday newsletter has had many tips on managing your passwords. Bookmark this post to keep all our great advice in one place.

Protip: Creating Strong Passwords
Strong passwords are important to keep your digital information secure. Generally, a strong password is made up of lowercase & uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols, and does not contain dictionary words. This Google site has some great ideas on how to generate a strong password.
If you have a hard time remembering all those letters, numbers, and symbols, try a password template.  To make a template, come up with a phrase you can easily remember and pull the first letter of each word. “today will be the best day” becomes the password phrase “twbtbd.” Add a capital letter that corresponds to the service you’re logging in to and a symbol. Your banking password can be “twbtbdB!” and your Facebook password can be “twbtbdF!” and your Google password can be “twbtbdG!” and so on.
For services you don’t log in to very often, a password template can help you remember without being locked out for multiple incorrect attempts. Bonus: when it’s time to change your passwords (every three months or so!), you can change your passwords easily by changing the symbol.
To create completely unique passwords without a template, try a password generator like this one from LastPass!

Get a Password Plan
End of semester is a good time to think about password security. Are you reusing the same password on multiple sites? Could your passwords use a more secure format update? Should you implement a password manager? Upcoming changes to the way we handle password policy on campus may mean a new approach to keeping your data secure. Practice your good password habits today! If you haven’t changed your password since July 15, 2015 change it here:

Password Philosophy Blog Post
Check out our blog post about what to do if you take passwords too personally:

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