Expanding and Contracting in Moodle’s grader report

Most teachers who use Moodle course pages are familiar with the grader report. It is the default view for teachers who click “Grades” in the administration block. There is one thing that can be a confusing, though – the expand/contract icons are a bit weird. If you see a minus sign (-) the category is expanded fully. You can see the details as well as the totals column. If you see a plus sign (+) you’ll see just the totals, with individual details hidden. Then there is a third toggle ┬ásimilar to greater/less than symbols (<>). This one shows you the individual detail but hides the totals for that particular category. I’ve illustrated all three options below:



I’m not really sure why Moodle felt the need to use an expand/contract interface that adds a third toggle. It might be useful but when there is already a well understood convention that uses + and – users are going to be confused.

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