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Hey everyone! I finally got around to putting a custom ROM on this Nook Color tablet. It was quite easy! I used Cyanogenmod 7¬†and followed the instructions. A couple of downloads, a little configuration, and there we go. Installing apps and setting up accounts is by far the most time-consuming part of the process. This isn’t too surprising. iPads, tablets, phones, etc are highly personal items these days and most of them don’t have user profiles built in.

Maybe the thing to do would be to build a microSD card without all of the account details, make an image of that, then copy it to another card. Then I could have my very own personalized bootable card, but could hand a generic default one to someone else on a moment’s notice.


2 thoughts on “Nook update

  1. Rick, that’s a good idea; the Nook Color does make it easy to swap out entire OSes just by changing the microSD card. It would be easy to keep a clean card image somewhere to “reimage” the guest card after each use, too.

    One thing I noticed on my Nook Color, though, is that it can be very slow running from the card, as opposed to installing cyanogenmod on the internal memory. That might just be because my microSD cards are all old, though, and possibly much slower than recent cards. But now that I’m running CM7.1 on the internal memory, everything is smooth as can be.

    1. Sounds like some SD cards are too fast, too! The modded community recommends a class 4 card, never a class 10. Fascinating stuff!

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