Monthly Archives: November 2011

Embedding in WordPress

It turns out it is really easy to embed certain kinds of things in WordPress. Video sites like YouTube and Vimeo work great. Just cut and paste the URL into the Visual editor, make sure it isn’t a link, then publish! Unfortunately Google Docs embedding doesn’t work at this time, but documents can be uploaded and embedded using Scribd:


And here is an example of Vimeo embedding:

Reading the news

We’re offering a noontime workshop on Thursday for IWU Faculty and Staff on feed readers. I’m not sure our students are on the same planet as me on this topic, but I still find feeds to be indispensable. Even after some big interface changes I still prefer to use Google Reader to keep up on all my favorite news sources but have also been looking at some other more visual solutions. Yahoo released one for the iPad last week called Livestand¬†which is the latest challenger to Flipboard, the presumptive leader in this segment of the app market. Come on over to the Davidson Room and we’ll give these apps a look!