Are you getting email from yourself that you didn’t send?

Are you getting email from yourself that you didn’t send? It is likely that

someone you have e-mailed has a virus on their computer and is sending

e-mail as you. Viruses are like that – they love to share and spread!

Has your account been hacked? Probably not. If you’re really worried,

change your password by logging into MyIWU and clicking on My Account in the

upper left hand corner of the screen. (Remember that any email client like

Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, Mail, etc. you use to check your mail will

need its password changed too.) It is a good idea to change your password

on a regular basis anyway.

What should you do or not do?

**DON’T CLICK on any links in the email. Chances are they include an

“executable file” that will try to install the virus on YOUR computer.

**DELETE the email. You didn’t really send it to yourself so go ahead:

Delete it! You can run a virus scan on your computer to be sure it is free

from viruses. (IT Services Help Desk can teach you how to do this – just

give us a call.)

Should you block the sender? Probably not because you will be blocking

yourself. Why? Sometimes people use email to move information (like a

document or a picture) from one computer to another. If you block yourself,

you won’t be able to get those things you really DO want.

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