Monthly Archives: May 2009

Wikispaces Private Label

Patrick and I watched a web seminar today on Wikispaces Private Label. This is a pay service from Wikispaces targeted at business and education clients. Essentially we would get a web-based tool to manage a lot of users and a lot of wiki “spaces”, which are collaborative web documents shared by an enumerated list of users.

The product looked fine, but I feel like the demand for wiki has dried up on the IWU campus. Most people are just using Google Docs to collaborate. Am I wrong here? Do we still need a wiki solution that is more manageable than free ad-supported wiki accounts online?

Wireless Broadband at IWU

Linda in Telecommunications made the following announcement today:

The Telecommunications Office is offering rental of an AT&T broadband wireless card.  This device allows your computer to connect to the Internet at broadband speed without a cable or WiFi – it works anywhere that an AT&T cell phone works! The rental fee is $5.00 a day.  If you are traveling and would like to reserve the card or have questions about how it works please call Linda at 309-556-3430.

Wireless broadband is a cool technology but pretty expensive. It means fast connections anywhere without having to pay WiFi hotspot fees or getting onto disreputable free wireless at hotels and businesses. This is a great way to share the benefits and the cost of this device across campus!