Software Training Workshops for IWU Faculty and Staff

Rick and Patrick are planning a series of Training Workshops for the week of December 15. We will be using Microsoft Office 2007 but the tips and techniques we use will work in Office 2003 as well! Here is the breakdown day-by-day:

  • Monday – Tips for MS Word: Check out Word 2007 while Rick and Patrick share a few techniques to save time while word processing. We will share our favorite tips and leave time to answer questions.
  • Tuesday – Tips for MS Powerpoint: Take a look at Powerpoint 2007 and learn some tricks to improve the quality and efficiency of slide shows.
  • Wednesday – MyIWU Course Tools: Get an overview of the collaboration tools available in MyIWU’s course and group pages. You don’t have to be a faculty member to use MyIWU to share files, share a calendar, e-mail a group, or distribute announcements – all you need is Patrick to show you how to get started.
  • Thursday – Basics of Photo Editing: Learn some essential techniques for working with digital photos. Cropping, rotating, redeye, and color adjustment are skills you can use to improve photos for your department website or at home.

These sessions will be offered at 9am and repeated at 2pm each day in the Stevenson Hall Training Room.  Please contact Rick at if you plan on attending!

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