Holiday Gift Ideas

Here are some fun and useful gift ideas to consider for the Holiday season!

Wireless Presenter

Need a simple remote to control your PowerPoint presentation. A wireless presenter is just the device. The Targus Wireless Presenter allows you to move from slide to slide, page up and down, darken and resume the screen and includes a laser pointer. Available from Tiger Direct for $26.99.


This light and versatile tripod is a great digital camera companion. The Gorillapod has over two dozen flexible leg joints that bend and rotate to secure your camera to almost any surface, rocks, tree branch, pole, on a table, etc. The Gorillapod is available from Joby for $24.95 with free shipping.

Backup HardDrive

Need peace of mind knowing that your music, photos, and documents are backed up? An external backup drive may be just the device you need. The Maxtor One Touch line works very well for both Windows and Macintosh computers. Drive sizes start at 80Gb and go up to 1TB.The 120GB model sells for $89 at


The Slingbox is a device that lets you watch and control your DVR, Digital Cable receiver, Satellite receiver, or DVD player on your personal computer or PDA any time, any where. There are three models, the Slingbox AV, The Slingbox SOLO and the Slingbox PRO. The differences between the boxes are the AV and SOLO devices have a single input from a single source, the SOLO is HD capable. The PRO allows four inputs and is HD capable. The Slingbox is available from many sources. WalMart sells the AV for $109.48, the SOLO for $148.88, and the PRO for 198.88.

Cube World Digital Stick People

Two inch cubes house electronic stick people that live together for your entertainment. When multiple cubes are stacked together the digital people interact with each other. Their antics are quite amusing. You can also interact with the cube people. Shake a cube and see what happens. Cube World people can be found at A set of two costs $25.

WiFi Detector

Do you travel around with a laptop and wonder if a wireless signal is in range and don’t want to lug your laptop out of the case to see if a wireless signal is available? A WiFi detector might be just what you need. A simple detector that shows if a signal is present and clips to your key ring can be found at Tiger Direct for $10. A more sophisticated detector that shows the SSID (wireless network name), encryption status, channel, and signal strength can be found at for $49.99. For those who are both stylish and geeky, Thinkgeek has a WiFi Detector Shirt that shows actual wireless signal strength on the front with glowing bars for $29.99. Your glowing shirt will look spectacular while sitting in the Memorial Center, Hansen Center, and many Academic areas on campus!

Take TV

Do you have video on your computer that you would like to watch on your TV? Take TV allows you to move videos from your computer to a simple USB device. Plug the device into a TV, sit back with the Take TV remote and watch your video. The 4GB models sells for $99.99 at, the 8GB models sells for 142.49.

R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid

A very cool Star Wars toy that listens and responds to your commands. R2 goes on patrol, will take someone a drink, along with many other activities. Check out the video at R2D2 costs $129.99 at

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

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