secure wireless – the new way!

Wireless network access has been around for a number of years here at Illinois Wesleyan. At first we had wide-open access in the Hansen Center and Ames Library. Once we were able to impose an LDAP-based authentication system, we began to roll wireless out to additional locations. Now students can surf the wireless in the Bertholf Commons, the Dugout, the Atrium of the CNS and more. Unfortunately getting a computer to talk to the secure wireless access points was not that easy.

Students would need to start at a wired location, download a client application called Aegis, then install and restart. I encountered a few computers on which Aegis never worked correctly. On a small subset of these, the computers ceased to function until Aegis was removed. This client also interfered with other wireless network configurations, such as someone’s home access point that did not require the same type of security. And the worst part was, Aegis cost money!

Thanks to a little research and work from our Systems Admin, there is now a better way. Secure W2 is a free, open source package that will allow our students to securely access IWU wireless without interfering with boot-up or with other wireless network configs. Check out the setup instructions for the new Secure W2 software!

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  1. I’m delighted with Secure W2. Once downloaded to my PDA (Garmin iQue M4 running Windows CE 2003)it was pretty easy to configure. Most web sites are easy to view, although many do not fit easily on a mobile screen…I can check mail and get some results from Google.

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