I got a new Thunderbird! no, not a car.

I see that Thunderbird has been released for Mac and Windows. Neat! I’ve been waiting a long time for this one, especially on the Mac side. I’ve got a few clients with idiosyncratic problems with the app and Mac support and documentation has been slim thus far.

Why do I care about Thunderbird? Well, it is free and not advertising supported. It does a nice intuitive job of managing IMAP folders (no confusing “expunging”…it just puts things in the trash) especially in respect to our e-mail system here at Illinois Wesleyan. For example, Tbird puts messages in the same Sent folder as our webmail client. Other clients like Eudora use their own proprietary local Sent folder. Tbird also allows for separate credentials to be used for incoming and outgoing mail. That is nice for those still checking mail on the older non-LDAP servers but using the newer SMTP server for outgoing mail. And last but not least, the SSL implementation seems to be solid.

We’ll see if version 2.0 continues to be such a nice fit!

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