Day 3: Career Immersion Excursion Chicago

Following our regular routine of waking up, sighing at the pitch-black sky, and blearily shuffling downstairs for breakfast, we took the ‘L’ to Rush University Medical Center. IWU alums Jill Volk and Stephanie Hollis came to talk to us about admissions and special healthcare programs at Rush; afterwards, we had our Professional Practice panel with […]

Intro: Career Immersion Excursion – Chicago

Happy Spring Break, everyone! My name is Rachel McCarthy, I’m an English-Writing and psychology double major at Illinois Wesleyan University, and this week I’ll be recounting our adventures on this year’s Career Immersion Excursion Trip to Chicago. Each year during spring break, the Hart Career Center arranges for students to travel to a major U.S. […]

During a week-long break from classes, some Illinois Wesleyan students continued their collegiate learning experience far beyond the classroom setting by participating in – and blogging about – one of three 2018 Spring Break trips: Career Immersion Excursion – New York City Blog by Vi Kakares ’20 | Trip Description First-Year Humanities Fellows Immersion – Chicago […]

Day 8: Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Build

Saturday, March 17 – A St. Patrick’s Day Drive Today we spent a majority (10 hours) of the day driving home from Birmingham. By 7:30 a.m., we were completely packed up and on the road back to Bloomington. As usual, the time was spent napping or jamming out to some throwback tunes. Originally, we had […]

Day 5: First-Year Humanities Fellows Immersion – Chicago

Friday, March 16 On Friday morning, we gathered our bags and checked out of UIC Guest Housing before heading downtown to the Art Institute of Chicago. And what better way to end our week’s exploration of the humanities than by coming to a cultural icon like the Art Institute, with a series of collections that […]

Day 7: Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Build

Friday, March 16 Today was the toughest day for the ASBers to wake up yet. It’s also the last day of work on our trip. Our bodies are sore, and we’re drained mentally, but we press on to finish the week off strong. We split into two equal groups again this morning. My group headed […]

Day 4: First-Year Humanities Fellows Immersion – Chicago

Thursday, March 15 Journaling and doing reflective writing exercises made our early Thursday morning fly by as we took the bus up to Hyde Park, home to the Robie House and the Oriental Institute. We began at the Robie House, designed by the exceptional American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. I had heard his name before […]