Intro: Career Immersion Excursion – Chicago

Rachel McCarthy ’21

Happy Spring Break, everyone! My name is Rachel McCarthy, I’m an English-Writing and psychology double major at Illinois Wesleyan University, and this week I’ll be recounting our adventures on this year’s Career Immersion Excursion Trip to Chicago. Each year during spring break, the Hart Career Center arranges for students to travel to a major U.S. city to meet with alumni and learn about different career paths. So, while it won’t be the kind of spring trip that involves swimming with dolphins in the Caribbean, I am excited to be going on this year’s trip. After all, I hear that finding a job and whatnot is actually quite important, and it makes actually paying for those dolphin cruises a lot easier in the future.

The theme for this year’s trip is healthcare, so we’ll be receiving tours at places like the University of Illinois School of Public Health, Rush University Medical Center, and the Ronald McDonald House. Along the way, we’ll be meeting with physical therapists, surgeons, counselors, and many other successful IWU alums doing work that will blow your minds (which presumably they can also put back together with neurosurgery like it’s nothing).

As someone who is interested in learning how mental health professions can be further integrated into the healthcare field as a whole, I’m looking forward to seeing a wide range of sites and interacting one-on-one with alums already working in mental health to get their perspectives as well. It’s going to be a fast-paced week of speed walking through Chicago, taking notes at panels, and nervously reapplying deodorant before alumni dinners, but I hope you’ll read along and learn all about our amazing alumni in healthcare!

–– Rachel McCarthy ’21

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