Day 2: First-Year Humanities Fellows Immersion – Chicago

Tuesday, March 13 Welcome to Day 2 of the FYHF journey to Chicago! Our day began with a tour of the Jane Addams Hull House, a famous center that educated and rehabilitated the poor in an effort to fight urban poverty on a national level. Jane Addams, the founder, was a social reformer who was […]

Day 4: Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Build

Tuesday, March 13 – Going to Great Heights in Birmingham “Today was just really fun… we did the same work as yesterday, but the attitudes everyone had made it so much more fun.” In contrast to yesterday morning, everyone slowly and sleepily got ready for the day. Even the bus ride was sleepy; ASBers were taking […]

Day 2: Career Immersion Excursion – New York City

Monday, March 12 Day 2 of the CIE trip and I think I’m ready to live and work in NYC. From the early hour of 7 a.m. until 10 p.m I lived through a day of the typical New Yorker and truly experienced the hustle and bustle that characterizes this city. Although my feet paid […]

Day 1: First-Year Humanities Fellows Immersion – Chicago

Monday, March 12 Monday morning began bright and early by taking the train up to Chicago. As we rushed past fields of corn and soybeans, we prepared for our first location, the Harold Washington Library, by listening to a podcast and writing our reflections on the life of Harold Washington, Chicago’s first black mayor. If […]

Day 3: Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Build

Monday, March 12 – What was the highlight of your day? “Getting to see the man whose home we were building and being able to visualize the gratitude and sincere happiness he had for the college students who were helping out”-Andrew Coop Our morning began at 6:30 a.m. when someone had set off the fire alarm […]

Day 1: Career Immersion Excursion – New York City

Sunday, March 11 Day 1 of the CIE trip and I am already in a New York State of mind! After a two-hour flight from Chicago to NY, we took a 30-minute shuttle from the airport and got our first glimpse of New York traffic. But amidst all of the taxi cabs, pedestrians cutting through […]

Day 2: Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Build

Sunday, March 11 – How would you describe the day in a few words? “Adventure, bonding, friendship… for sure” -Brianna Miulli Today we are Birmingham bound! After sleeping in for a bit this morning, we got a late morning start on the road for what was supposed to be a short trip from Nashville to […]

Day 1: Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Build

Saturday, March 10 – Sleepy Bus Rides and Honky Tonk Dinners “What are you looking forward to the most about the trip?” “Bonding” -Maggie Arseneault Today’s the day! After packing- and in my case, over-packing- up my cheap (and incredibly unflattering) work jeans, some big-box store work boots that are half a size too big […]

Intro: Career Immersion Excursion – New York City

Hi everyone and greetings from New York City! My name is Vi Kakares and I am a sophomore at Illinois Wesleyan University majoring in English-Writing with minors in Spanish and economics. This spring break, I have the wonderful opportunity to go to New York City on a networking trip through the IWU Career Immersion Excursion […]

Intro: First-Year Humanities Fellows Immersion – Chicago

Greetings and salutations! I’m Rachel McCarthy, a first-year English writing major hailing from Riverside, Illinois. I’m also a First-Year Humanities Fellow, a brand-new program here at IWU that brings together a dynamic group of students with a love for anything humanities-related, such as English, anthropology, theater, or political science. Throughout the year, we’ve been participating […]