Saturday, March 17 – A St. Patrick’s Day Drive

Today we spent a majority (10 hours) of the day driving home from Birmingham. By 7:30 a.m., we were completely packed up and on the road back to Bloomington. As usual, the time was spent napping or jamming out to some throwback tunes. Originally, we had planned for a hike on the way home, but every single ASBer on the trip was too exhausted to even fathom going on a hike, so as a collective group, we all decided to try to drive straight to Bloomington.

One of the only stops we made was at Panera Bread for a late lunch. There, we revealed our secret buddies. Every single person found and created a memorable gift. Personally, I received a piece of the floor tile I had spent so long laying on the very first work day. Although we were all exhausted and itching to get home, it was heartwarming to hear the fond memory of each secret buddy as he or she passed on the gift. There were smiles all around, and I cannot think of a better way to end the trip.

Arriving back at IWU, my only thought was wondering where the trip is going next year. I already cannot wait to apply for another week filled with tough, physical work and new friendships! Until then, you can find me signing up to volunteer for the Bloomington-Normal chapter of Habitat for Humanity!

– Teagan Potter ’19

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