Friday, March 16

Today was the toughest day for the ASBers to wake up yet. It’s also the last day of work on our trip. Our bodies are sore, and we’re drained mentally, but we press on to finish the week off strong.

We split into two equal groups again this morning. My group headed out to the Habitat ReStore, while the other group finished up a house in a different neighborhood. At the ReStore, a department store that sells affordable home improvement items, the customer bathroom needed to be retiled. The IWU group from yesterday started the project, and we began a full day of work to try to finish it.

Shane, our supervisor for the day, was amazing, friendly, and extremely funny with his goofy and weird sense of humor. He had a baby about three weeks ago and, naturally, talked about her all day long and showed us pictures. His baby is so cute that we didn’t mind seeing a new picture every half hour or so! Shane stuck with us all day long and helped us out with the tiling. He even gave us creative freedom with the accent tiles to decide how we should implement them into the project because as far as he was concerned, this was “y’all’s bathroom.”

Although we didn’t quite finish up the project, we shared more laughs today than any other day of the trip. Shane said we did such a great job that he didn’t even mind that the job wasn’t done. Sadly, at 3 p.m., it was once again time to say goodbye. Today was especially difficult because Shane was so easy to work with and was so nice. We told him we’d be back soon enough to see the finished bathroom, and I hope that promise becomes true.

After working all day long, it was time to celebrate with ice cream (supposedly the best in Birmingham) and delicious BBQ. When we finished dinner, we headed back to the house to hang out and work on our projects for our secret buddies. Similar to Secret Santa, we drew names at the beginning of the week to see who we had to get a gift for by the end of the trip. Then, we had to work with the excess materials on the work sites to create something memorable for our buddy. Tomorrow is the big reveal!

I wish I could say we all went to bed at a decent hour because we have to get up before the crack of dawn tomorrow, but that wasn’t the case. Everyone sat up talking and telling scary stories until late at night just to enjoy the last night of being part of ASB. I think I can speak for everyone when I say, we’re ready for rest, but we’re not quite ready for the trip to end.

– Teagan Potter ’19

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