Intro: Career Immersion Excursion – New York City

Hi everyone and greetings from New York City! My name is Vi Kakares and I am a sophomore at Illinois Wesleyan University majoring in English-Writing with minors in Spanish and economics.

This spring break, I have the wonderful opportunity to go to New York City on a networking trip through the IWU Career Immersion Excursion (CIE). A part of IWU’s Hart Career Center, the CIE is designed to connect current IWU students with alumni working in different cities across the U.S. In past CIE trips, students have had the opportunity to connect to alumni in Chicago and Washington D.C., and this year, New York!

Over the next four days I, along with 19 other IWU students will be connecting with alumni that work in New York City, primarily in the finance, banking, and technology industry. Amidst our networking, we will also be exploring the city, including places such as the Empire State Building, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the New York Stock Exchange. I am beyond excited to gain exposure to a variety of different industries, connect with IWU alumni and learn about all of the wonderful things they have accomplished, gain insight into the NY work life, and explore the city!

A Chicago native myself, this is my first time going to New York, so I am interested in comparing these two cities that are full of life, people, culture, and no doubt, lots of traffic. Is the pizza better in NY or Chicago? Will I sleep in the city that never sleeps? Will I get lost on the subway, or will I lose myself in this wonderful city? Stay tuned to hear about all of my adventures to come–I am so excited to share this amazing experience with all of you!

– Vi Kakares ’20

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