A Prayer for New Orleans from ASB ’08

Written and presented by Corey McCord for the ASB Chapel Hour in Evelyn Chapel on Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Katrina Victims have seen more than the loss of a home

While we are camping in hope

They make their tents in camp despair

They simply long for an ear

Men and women who lived, breathed and spoke New Orleans

Now bask in loneliness

Their neighbors who they once played cards with, ate dinner with and shared in existence

Now converse with them in complete silence

Many say silence brings solace

Yet, it only reminds them of what they lost

Bodies covered in blankets on a bridge served as a makeshift cemetery

No amount of money can assuage the pain of lost

Babies drowned in extreme poverty from the lack of

Food, clean water and communal care from the nation as a whole

Furniture and ordinary slabs of wood became life boats

As the Justice League and the Teen Titans

Could be seen along the ravaging sea fighting with soap

They were eager to clean away the plague of social negligence

In order to preserve their loved ones from undue pestilence-

an unsympathetic government

Aid did not come from the national commonwealth

Aid came from the hearts of ordinary citizens like you and me.

If patriotism does not exist

In the passion of the steadfastness and commitment to duty we exhibited;

We bear no nationality

Except that which the Divine has coined

God’s children.

We reach out beyond ourselves to grasp those who’ve slipped

To catch them before they reach the pavement

We reach out and grasp those who are high on death

To bring them back to earth’s firmament

When the divine coined the term Angel,

Guardian Angel:

Who would have thought that the Divine would be speaking of us.

We rolled up our selves to gut houses

We walked the 9th ward with a stethoscope and a purpose

We painted over the dark black and grey hues of downtrodden New Orleans

Renewing the city with the color of sunshine

As Angels we walk with a purpose.

Each and everyone of us

Who took time the time out to become apart

Of the history and existence of New Orleans

Have transformed from strangers to family.

We have to remember:

Family does not abandon,

Family does not make excuses for not being there;

Family cares.

Our hearts and souls will will be forever connected to New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish.

For the victims of Katrina, moreover- the victims of social negligence

We pray for your health as your existence is something we eternally cherish

As a community of God’s children

We need to continue to reach out to New Orleans

So they can know someone is caring.

April 2, 2008

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