Simple Gestures

Its funny how the smallest and most random moments in life can have the biggest impact. Although the food at camp is surprisingly yummy, all week I have desperately wanted WheatThins for some random reason so when the offer came to ride the van to the Walgreens that is 15 minutes away (Yes 15 minutes! No Walgreens on every corner here.), I quickly grabbed some cash and went along. After picking up the WheatThins and some Diet Pepsi, I got into line. As I was swiping my debit card, the cashier looked me straight in the eye and said “We really appreciate you being here.” At first I was completely shocked at the amazing customer service. Wow! The people back home barely say have a nice day and this woman was giving me a heartfelt thank you for shopping at the local Walgreens! I soon realized that she was not thanking me for my purchase but instead for being in the city and doing a small part in helping these people get back on their feet. I know it may seem simple, but that moment has had the biggest impact on me thus far. The woman had nothing tangible to thank me for, but she took a moment to say thank you anyways. It really made me think about all the things tangible and intangible that we never say thank you for and how the simplest gestures can really have an impact on someone you don’t even know. Eating the WheatThins later that night was even better after the experience!  🙂

 — Abby Sullivan for The Green Tree Frogs

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