Today a small group of us went back to the old nursing home to continue our demolition work. Though I volunteered for the project, I initially wasn’t so sure I’d be up for another day of pulling down ceiling tiles, breaking through walls with giant sledgehammers, pushing giant wheelbarrows, and wearing those stifling masks and gloves. As it turns out we were more than ready for our second day. In fact, we were the first group to unload the supply truck and the last to leave the site.

As we left I realized just how much we had accomplished with only two short days of work. We started with a massive building which had hardly been touched and by 4pm today you could see through every wall and every ceiling!!! I just cannot get over how much of that building we were able to take down in only twelve hours and with no experience whatsoever.

Just think about how much we could do for the people of New Orleans and for people all over the world if only we would all get over our initial reservations about projects we may find challenging and if only we would all spend just a few hours doing something that we thought we’d never do.

— Kelly Petrowski for The Green Tree Frogs

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