Creative Expressions

One night for reflection, the Green Tree Frogs were challenged to creatively express what they were experiencing.  Here are a few creative expressions . . .


The world stripped clean,

Lives changed forever.

Past remembered.  Hope.

— Bridget McFadden for the Green Tree Frogs

Project Poem

And Camp Hope said

     Let there be sledge hammers,

     crow bars,

     safety goggles,

     sun block

     and AGGRESSION!

On that day,

The Great Wall of China cowered in fear

of our mighty motivation

and of our demolition derby tools.

On the second day of the week, Camp Hope said:

      Let there be paint,



      insect repellent,

      and the color ORANGE.

The house became imbued by freshly squeezed tangerines.

Our derrieres have residue of work turned into play

like glue and kids from first grade

as they are stained with orange hand prints

like our project was to beautify our denim canvases

      with finger paint.

— Corey McCord for the Green Tree Frogs

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