La Declaracion

Spanish And Latino Student Association


Our Mission is…

To promote culture, heritage, and diversity for students of Illinois Wesleyan University. To spread and celebrate Latin American Heritage and pride, as well as the enhancement of Latino presence on campus and community service.


SALSA’s general goals are:

1. To increase university awareness of Latin American culture, achievements, and history.

2. To provide a stable support network and to promote unity within the Latin American community.

3. To work together with the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, Admissions, and fellow student organizations, to recruit and retain students of many different backgrounds.

4. To welcome any and all students into SALSA, as long as they are committed to the association.

(Semester goals are to be discussed during meetings)


Everyone is welcome to join SALSA!

A member of SALSA should:

1. have a genuine concern and commitment to the organization

2. regularly attend SALSA meetings

3. respect ideas presented within the organization

4. conduct themselves in a manner that reflects leadership, understanding, scholarship, and unity

Note: In order to be part of voting, a member MUST have attended the majority of the meetings prior to voting.


In order to govern all SALSA affairs, the following are positions that need to be filled in order to run smoothly:

President: Shall preside over all general and Exec. Board meetings. The president shall provide leadership and guidance. The president shall serve as the liaison between SALSA and the Illinois Wesleyan University administration as well as among other groups and institutions. The president shall serve as the main contact person and the president’s main duties and responsibilities are to the members of SALSA.

Vice-President: Shall assist the president with communications with other groups, and act as the liaison between SALSA and the Bloomington-Normal community. The VP will manage community service activities. The VP will also oversee the other offices and will make sure they are doing their job, and/or on time with any given task. The VP will be in charge if the President cannot be present at any meeting, event, etc.

Treasurer: Shall be in command of the official SALSA financial records and budget. Shall work with the Exec. Board and Student Senate to arrange yearly budget request forms, and will be in charge of all reimbursements.

Student Senate Representative: Shall attend all Student Senate meetings and shall serve as the liaison between SALSA and the Student Senate. Will also keep members informed of Student Senate debates and decision.

Secretary: Shall keep an attendance record for all SALSA meetings, keeping accurate and available records of all general meetings, and is in charge of elections and voting. In addition, the secretary will keep track of all emails coming in or out on the SALSA email account, and will be in charge of sending informative emails to all members.

Public Relations: Shall be responsible for advertising SALSA events and programs by: Designing flyers, obtaining copies, and distributing them. Will also be in charge of all Web pages. (E.I. Blog, and Facebook.)

In the event that an Exec. Board member does not fulfill his/her duties, this is the protocol:

After the First accordance – The Exec. Board member will meet with the Vice-President

After the Second accordance- The Exec. Board member will meet with VP and RSO Advisor

After the Third accordance-The Exec. Board member will get written notification of their removal from office.

Line of Succession




4Student Senate Representative


6Public Relations

Elections, Terms, & Changeovers

(The Secretary will be in charge of nominees and votes.)

Voting takes place during the last meeting in November.

Nominations begin two meetings prior to voting day. The nomination period ends the meeting before voting.

To be eligible for nomination a member must have been active in the group for at least a semester. In order to be nominated for Presidency or Vice-Presidency a member must have held an Exec. Board position in SALSA prior to nominations.

Once the nomination period is over, the secretary will create the ballot.


All Exec. Board terms are for one year (spring and the following Fall semester). Therefore, a senior cannot run because they cannot fulfill the year requirement.


Shadowing will begin the day of voting/elections through January. Shadowing entails accompanying the current Exec. Board member and learning the duties of their positions.

Changeover will end at the end of January, therefore the new Exec. Board will be in charge starting February.

Amending La Declaración

The Exec. Board will revise La Declaración, as needed, at the beginning of the school year, meaning the beginning of fall semester.

Member brings amendment or change to the general meeting and then the Exec. Board will discuss the change, taking into consideration the groups opinions. From this discussion the Exec. Board will decide whether or not to vote on the amendment/change. If the Exec. Board agrees to vote on it, members will be notified and every eligible member will vote on the amendment or change at the following meeting. Every SALSA member must vote.


Cecilia Mendoza

President 9/7/2011


Dani Jauregui

Vice-President 9/7/2011

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