SALSA Shindig Recap!

Hola SALSeros! For everyone who was able to make it to last night’s SALSA Shindig at the MC House, a big thank you to you! The new SALSA Executive Board was announced. Afterwards the former SALSA Exec Board and Nancy, treated our members to some yummy goodies! Some of which included flan, ice cream, cookies, chips, soda, pie, and even a delicious cake! We proceeded to stuff ourselves while watching the film “Stand and Deliver”. We hope to see more and more of you attending our meetings! It means a lot to us and we love to see you and hear what you think we as a club should do to get the SALSA name out there!

Congratulations to our new SALSA Executive Board!!

President – Melissa Ramirez

Vice President – Hillary Anderson

Treasurer – Vanessa Rodriguez

SALSA Representatives – Jairo Rosales and Nathalie Macias

Secretary – Joanna Balcerzak

Public Relations – Audrey Ito

Good luck with finals and have a wonderful Winter Break!