SALSA Potluck Recap

SALSA Members partaking in the feast provided with love!

Hello SALSeros! I hope you are all ready for an amazing Thanksgiving Break! Though long overdue, for those of you who weren’t able to attend, here is a small recap of the SALSA Potluck that took place on November 2nd in the lovely MC House/Center! There was scrumptious food such as spaghetti, cheese and beans, spicy rice, arroz con leche, flan, potstickers, and other delicious treats. Besides the food and lively people, there was a showing of the film “Selena” as a cap off to the night!

A huge “Thank you!” to everyone who attended and brought food! It was delicious!

We hope to see and hear from you all in the coming meetings/events!

Stay tuned for what SALSA may come up with next!


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