Submission Guidelines

Basic Info for Submitters

-Pseudonym Required accepts all forms of original creative writing.  We’ll take anything you can dream up!

-Do not include your name or any other identifying information within the file of your submission, as this will ruin the anonymity of our editing.

-Submitted works can be a max of 5,000 words long.

-Excerpts from larger works are accepted, but make sure to include any necessary background information.

-Pieces should be submitted as either Microsoft Word or Rich Text documents.


They’ll happen on a biweekly basis at midnight (day of the week to be announced soon).  Check the “calendar” blog page for exact dates.  Submitted works will be timestamped, and those submitted after the deadline will go into the next submission round.

The Submission Process

PR is first an editing organization, then a publishing organization.  All works submitted to PR are commented on by our editors and returned to the author at least once. We do not accept works for publication during the first submission round, no matter how fabulously mind-bogglingly fantastic they are.  The process, then, goes like this:

First Submission Round

Your submission will go through a blind process in which the editors will read your piece and offer feedback to help you edit your work.  We will point out what we believe to be its strengths and weaknesses, and make general comments on what we are thinking and feeling as we read your piece.  About two weeks after the deadline of your submission round you’ll receive your comments from our editors.  Our hope is that our comments will help you think about your piece in new ways as you edit it.  If you have any questions for the editors regarding comments, we’d be happy to help: e-mail them to and they will be anonymously forwarded to the appropriate editor(s).

OK, so you’ve got your comments, and if you want to, you can stop there.  But we hope you won’t, because we want to help you share your work of genius with the world.  Fix your piece up pretty as you can and then go on to the…

Second Submission Round

Once you’ve received feedback on your piece, it is eligible to be resubmitted and considered for publication in our online journal.  As with the first submission, resubmissions are anonymous.  You will be contacted by PR’s editors approximately two weeks after your resubmission with either an acceptance or suggestions for further editing.  If we suggest further editing, don’t stop there-writing is a process!  You can resubmit your piece as many times as you want!

Note that the submit-resubmit system is intended to help you think about and edit your work.  Two things to keep in mind before resubmitting:

1)  No matter what we editors say, it’s still your work, and you ultimately decide what to do with it.  We hope you’ll consider our comment seriously, but at the same time, we don’t want you to feel forced to change your piece to fit our suggestions if you disagree with them.  Art is subjective, our editors have varying opinions and backgrounds, and we’re all only human.  You’ll benefit most from our comments if you consider them objectively, freely recognizing where you can improve without allowing your work to become something other than your own.  Finally, never be afraid to resubmit because you haven’t followed all of your suggestions!  They are just what we say they are: suggestions, which you can choose whether to follow.

2)  So what happens if I disagree with all the editors’ suggestions?  There’s always room for improvement and we at PR like to think we know a thing or two about editing, so if you disagree with everything we say there’s a good chance you’re not stepping back and thinking about your piece objectively.  You may resubmit your piece without changing it, but unless your piece was given very minimal suggestions, know that you are much more likely to be accepted for publication if you do some editing first.

How to Submit

Submissions are received through our journal at the Digital Commons:

If you do not have one already, create a Digital Commons account by clicking the “My Account” tab in the upper right corner of Digital Commons, then clicking the “sign up” button.  Please use your real name when creating a Digital Commons account.

To submit a piece for the first time

Log in to the system, then click “Submit Article” in the gray bar on the right side of the page.  Follow the on-screen instructions to submit your article.  You will receive an e–mail confirming that we received your piece.  You’ll hear back from the editors about two weeks after the deadline of your submission round.

To resubmit a piece after receiving feedback

Log in to the system and click the title of your submission from the “My Account” page.  This will bring you to the “Author’s View of Submission” page.  In the upper-left blue box, click “Revise Submission.”  Fill out the form using the on-screen instructions.  You may change or leave the same as much of the information on this page as you wish.  However, please make sure to resubmit by clicking “Revise Submission” instead of starting a whole new submission; this allows us to identify your piece with the one we previously commented on in spite of any changes you may have made.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments for us about any part of PR, e-mail us at

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