About PR

Pseudonym Required is Illinois Wesleyan’s own student-run writing workshop group and online literary journal.

We at PR believe that writing is a process. It’s a learning process in which we improve through doing: writing, reading, communicating with readers and other writers, and always looking for ways to grow. It’s a process for every piece we write, from the first draft and on through many more, where there’s always room for change.

PR’s mission is to give support and feedback to help writers improve their works and their overall creative writing skills. An ever-present dilemma for writers is that we can never completely get out of our own heads, and thus cannot see our own works as a reader would. By offering comments and constructive criticism on your work, we hope to help you see your work in different ways that will help you in editing it.

All submissions to PR are read, with the author anonymous, by a group of student editors who will share their thoughts on your piece: its strengths, its weaknesses, their thoughts and feeling while reading it. If all you’re looking for is some good old-fashioned peer editing, then you can stop there; or, you can then resubmit your piece to be considered for publication in our online literary journal.

Ernest Hemingway wrote that “The first draft of anything is shit,” and if the drafts that became his published works were shit, then there’s hope for us all! Staff members and contributors of PR are all writers and all students, and every one of us has the capacity to grow and to help each other grow, too.

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