“Insights into Neighborhood Racial Segregation: Some lessons from a careful exercise in sociological modeling”
by Narendra K. Jaggi and Alexander J. Laurie
Proceedings of 3rd Annual Hawaii International Conference for the Social Sciences (2004)

“Physics and Sociology: Neighbourhood Racial Segregation”,
Alexander J. Laurie and Narendra K. Jaggi
Solid State Physics, 45 (2002) pp 362-363 

Structures in 2-D Dipolar Systems
with James Rinne.
Paper on Floating Magnets (pdf)

Time-Dependent Mossbauer Spectroscopy
“Multiple Mössbauer Spectra Data Acquisition with an In-situ Cyclic Voltammetry System”

by T. L. Greaves, J. D. Cashion, A. L. Benci, N. K. Jaggi, C. Hogan and A. M. Bond
Monash University, Australia, and Illinois Wesleyan University, USA
Paper in Hyperfine Interactions (2002) (pdf)

Complex Macro-structures in Polyelectrolyte Gels
with Kimberly Branshaw and Dana Deardorff
Read extract (pdf)

High Temperature Superconductors

Electro-rheological Fluids
Physics and Finance

Past research:

Ph.D. student, Bhabha Atomic Research Center

With P.K. Iyengar and K.R.P.M. Rao, I developed novel detectors for nondestructive applications of nuclear resonant gamma ray spectroscopy. In collaboration with A.K. Grover, L.C.Gupta, R.G.Pillay and P.N. Tandon, I  studied magnetic Heusler alloys using magnetization, Mossbauer Spectroscopy, TDPAC and diffraction techniques .

Post-doctoral fellow at Northwestern University

With Professors Lyle Schwartz, John Ketterson, Tobin Marks and John Butt, I worked in the areas of magnetic superlattices and  applied catalysis.

Assistant Professor, Northeastern University

With Bob Markiewicz, Bill Giessen, Rongjia Tao, S.F.Wahid, Joanne Woestman, M.Meskoob and Pradeep Haldar, I worked in high temperature superconductivity and  electro-rheological fluids.

Professor, Illinois Wesleyan University

With undergraduate students, Jason Payne, J.Chen, Dana Deardorff, Kimberly Branshaw, Garrett Davis, James Rinne, Melissa Crews and Alex Laurie, I have been working with on a wide variety of problems accessibile to undergraduates (see examples below).With John Cashion and Tamar Greaves at Monash University, I worked on developing a new experimental technique in Mossbauer Spectrometry.

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