Author/Illustrator: Lizi Boyd

Publisher and Year: Chronicle Books, 2004

Number of Pages: 32

Genre: Fiction

IMG_2271Flashlight is about a young boy who explores the mysterious world outside of his tent. What other way to experience nature than with a flashlight? Like a flashlight, this book helps us experience the beauties of nighttime nature.

This story could work as a window into a world that a lot of children may be curious about—nature.  There are also many children who could identify with this small, curious boy. Children are known for their creativity and imagination, and this boy’s creativity is what creates this journey for him.

There are no words in this book, as it is a picture narrative. The pictures tell the story. Structurally, majority of the book in black and white to show how dark it is without the flashlight. The areas where the boy shines the flashlight are colorful and bright, but there are also two trees that always have color, even though the flashlight is not on them. This is a cut-out book, and every cut-out is a colorful spot on the next page. One of the things that the boy flashes his light on are “prayer flags”, which are common in the Tibetan culture. At one point, the small boy loses the flashlight and the animals seem to be just as curious about him as he is about them. Ideologically, this book promotes the inner creativity and curiosity in readers. Although the boy cannot see what is in the dark, as the reader, the reader can. However, the creative part comes in when the readers attempts to bring these black and white images to life, just like the young boy with the flashlight.