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New JUR features Emerging Writers Prize winners

The recently published Spring 2016 issue (Vol. 4, No.2) of The John Updike Review features the co-winners of JUR’s Third Emerging Writers Prize, a cash prize that includes publication in the journal. The recipients are Scott Dill and Yoav Fromer. Dill is … Continue reading

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Blogger explores Midpoint as a Pointillist Poem

In a July 18 post on the blog Vertigo: Where literature and art intersect, with an emphasis on W.G. Sebald and literature with embedded photographs, a writer identified simply as “Terry” considers “‘Midpoint’: John Updike’s Pointillist Poem.”  His argument:  “The … Continue reading

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Poems That Make Grown Women Cry features Updike

An anthology on Poems That Make Grown Women Cry: 100 Women on the Words That Move Them, edited by Anthony and Ben Holden and published this past spring, includes an essay by former New Yorker editor Tina Brown on John Updike’s … Continue reading

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Catholic blog considers theology based on Pigeon Feathers

The blog Catholic Strength, subtitled “…growth in holiness…growth in well-being…growth in knowledge,” has published a piece by Tom Mulcahy, M.A., on “A Theology of Death and Resurrection Based on Pigeon Feathers.” “John Updike’s short story, ‘Pigeon Feathers,’ presents a striking … Continue reading

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Rabbit, Run lauded for literary mastery

Brian Hancock, writing for the Franklin Favorite, called “Rabbit, Run a lesson in literary mastery.” “Rabbit, Run is a fine display of Updike’s masterful grip on prose. Incredibly creative similes and metaphors are employed throughout the work, to the point … Continue reading

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NY Magazine calls Witches of Eastwick a Best Beach Read

Lists have no season but beach lists only come around once a year. This year, New York Magazine is recommending John Updike’s The Witches of Eastwick as one of “The 100 Best Beach Reads.”  What makes a “beach read”? NY Magazine thinks … Continue reading

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Celebrating the life of a portrait artist who once painted Updike

Gail McCarthy of the Gloucester Times posted an article earlier today on “Remembering a portrait artist; Celebration to recall legacy of Aphia Carman.”  A celebration slated for 2 p.m. Sunday, July 24, 2016, will be held at “the barn” on 43 … Continue reading

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Would Rabbit have been a Trump supporter?

In an article published on the Front Porch Republic, JUS member Scott Dill asks the question, “Would Rabbit Angstrom Vote for Trump?” The answer is complicated. On the one hand, “Rabbit was ‘ever the loyal citizen. God he can doubt, … Continue reading

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On word processing and writing habits

The Atlantic‘s Robinson Meyer contributed a piece on “How to Write a History of Writing Software,” subtitled “Isaac Asimov, John Updike, and John Hersey changed their writing habits to adapt to word processors, according to the first literary historian of … Continue reading

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