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Updike makes a 10 Worst list

John Updike has made another list, but this time it’s a worst, rather than a best list. His piece on “A Desert Encounter” was rated #5 on “The 10 Worst New Yorker #Longreads.”  5. “A Desert Encounter,” John Updike The New Yorker … Continue reading

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Letter writer comments on Updike’s autobiographical novels

Financial Review (Australia) published a letter to the editor on July 18 in response to a July 11 review of Adam Begley’s Updike: John Updike in good company John Updike joins a long line of celebrated authors who have written … Continue reading

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Inquirer moves Toward a better list of great Pennsylvanians

Karen Heller, a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, posted a piece titled “Send us your nominees for great Pennsylvanians” in response to a Harper poll that placed Ben Franklin at the top of the list, followed by Bill Cosby. “The list … Continue reading

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Blogger explains his ambivalence toward Updike

Robert M. Detman, who maintains a blog on The Literary, recently explored what could only be termed his ambivalence toward John Updike and his writing in a post titled “The Li(n)e Between Truth and Invention in Fiction.” “In the recent … Continue reading

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Angstrom makes a Best Fictional Characters list

The Independent asked 100 “leading figures of British literature to name the characters who give them the most reading pleasure.” Author and critic John Sutherland (A Little History of Literature) picked Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom. “Harry (“Rabbit”) Angstrom, the serial hero … Continue reading

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Blogger reviews The Lovely Troubled Daughters

Today Whispering Gums, a blog devoted to books and such, posted a review of John Updike’s short story, “The Lovely Troubled Daughters of Our Old Crowd.” “I love the complexity of this,” the blogger writes, “the fact that Updike has … Continue reading

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Raghupati Bhatt on John Updike’s Indian Connection

Raghupati Bhatt’s essay on “John Updike’s Indian Connection” appeared in Vol. 4, No. 7 (July 2014) of The International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications. In writing about S., Bhatt concludes, “It becomes very clear after reading the novel that … Continue reading

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David Updike to speak at conference plenary session

The John Updike Society has appreciated the involvement of Updike family members, with the first conference featuring a panel consisting of Mary, Updike’s first wife, and three of the four Updike siblings—Liz, Michael, and Miranda. And the second conference in Boston … Continue reading

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Blogger is heavy into Updike after reading Begley’s bio

Yesterday a blogger responded to Heather Havrilesky’s New York Times Magazine piece on “794 Ways in Which BuzzFeed Reminds us of Impending Death” on PottedReads, “a blog about reading and writing.” He begins, “Having rediscovered John Updike, never having deeply read … Continue reading

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Begley tweets Gertrude and Claudius mini-review

If you’re following Adam Begley on Twitter you already saw this, but today the Updike biographer tweeted his recently unearthed mini-review of Updike’s Gertrude and Claudius from Vol. 53, No. 14 (April 10, 2000) titled “Picks and Pans Review: Gertrude … Continue reading

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