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Updike’s Rabbit tops a list of recommended reads for adults

This month Rowman & Littlefield published a book by William Patrick Martin titled A Lifetime of Fiction: The 500 Most Recommended Reads for Ages 2 to 102, and Updike’s Rabbit series is Number 1 of 100 books listed in the … Continue reading

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Arabic Updike scholars to present a paper on The Coup

Not much information is available, but Updike scholars have kindred spirits in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Asad Al-Ghalith (The University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia) and Mahmoud Zaidan (The University of Jordan) will present a paper on “John Updike’s Treatment of Islam … Continue reading

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John Updike, Transubstantiator?

Georgetown University blogger Paul Elie is at it again, riffing off of a Louis Menand review of the new Begley biography of Updike in a short think piece titled “John Updike, Transubstantiator.”  In an April 25, 2014 entry on Everything … Continue reading

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Newsday publishes an excerpt from Begley’s Updike

Today, April 24, 2014, Newsday published an excerpt from Adam Begley’s biography of Updike which deals with Updike’s stint as Talk of the Town reporter for The New Yorker magazine. Here’s the link: Excerpt from ‘Updike’    

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More Begley: Kirkus interviews the Updike biographer

Kirkus Reviews on April 9, 2014 published an interview with Adam Begley, who dished, “I spoke to people he’d had affairs with. He had a lot of friends, and there was a great deal of interconnecting there. If you’ve read … Continue reading

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John Updike, Chronicler: a review of a review

Everything That Rises, out of Georgetown University, published a think piece by Paul Elie that’s a review of (or at least reaction to) writer Orhan Pamuk’s review of Adam Begley’s biography, Updike. In “John Updike, Chronicler,” Elie notes that Pamuk “all but came … Continue reading

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Begley on Updike and Roth

Begley’s in the news again, and so are John Updike and Philip Roth. Begley’s remarks about “Updike’s friendship with and estrangement from another great American writer, Philip Roth,” appear in the Wednesday, April 23 edition of, posted by David … Continue reading

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Interview: How to Write John Updike’s Deathbed

The AWL today (April 21, 2014) published an interview with Updike biographer Adam Begley titled, “How to Write John Updike’s Deathbed.” Asking the questions was Elon Green. In it, Begley is asked about the deathbed section in Updike, and whether family … Continue reading

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Dangerous Minds considers a Roth-Updike exchange

Dangerous Minds, a pop culture website, recently published a piece titled “Philip Roth to John Updike: FTFY! Updike to Roth: LOL! STFU.” In it, Martin Schneider considers literary feuds past and present, finally settling on an exchange of letters following … Continue reading

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Ozick: Kafka did not transcend his Jewishness, no matter what Updike claimed

In a review of Kafka: The Decisive Years and Kafka: The Years of Insight, by Reiner Stach (Princeton University Press), writer Cynthia Ozick took exception with Updike’s remarks made in the introduction to Kafka’s Collected Stories: “In an otherwise seamless introduction to Kafka’s … Continue reading

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