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Our Mission

The mission of FIRST is to acknowledge, understand, and enhance the reality of higher education for first generation college students by recognizing their achievement of obtaining an education beyond the secondary level, distinguishing and attending to their needs differing from those of the traditional college student, and continuously presenting resources key to their success as not only an IWU student but a first generation college student.

It will be understood that the term “first generation college student” applies to many varying situations that render a student the first in their family to attend college.

The purpose of this organization is to provide support and navigation of all resources pertaining to a higher education, that  students may not be aware of or have substantial knowledge about.

The goals of FIRST include but are not limited to:

  •   Promote an open, nonjudgmental and engaging environment for the exchanging of idea, feelings, and experiences of   individual students.
  •   Present speakers and conference opportunities focused on the success of the first generation college student.
  •   Collaborate with on campus and community, first generation supporters to not only confirm the university’s interest and dedication to first generation college students, but to also seek out other avenues of assistance to ensure that every member of FIRST will find something beneficial to their personal academic success while a member of this organization.
  •   Aim for seasoned members to reach out to future first generation students and continue to nourish the program.

This organization also takes pride in ultimately being directed by its members.  The needs and interests of members are acknowledged, met, and are what this organization is built upon.

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