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Can I be a part of IWU F1RST before I get to campus? How about after I graduate? 

  •  As soon as you get your acceptance letter you can join fellow students aiming for college success.  Just like our facebook page, follow us on twitter, call, or email us!  Once you become an IWU Alumni and a F1RST Alumni you can definitely give back by attending an occasional meeting and sharing your college experiences with current first gen. students.   You may also feel free to participate in any IWU F1RST sponsored event.

Can I join if I am not a first generation college student?

  •  Most definitely.  The sole purpose of the club is to provide direction, support, and encouragement for any student that is seeking it.  We aim to make sure you are aware of all aspects of college and to make your experience the best.

Are their regular meetings?

  •  We do have meetings bi-weekly were we discuss a specific topic that is beneficial to you as well as topics that are brought to our attention.  The meetings are developed by and for you.  The benefit of our members is of utmost importance to us.

What are some meeting topics?

  •  Meeting topics can be requested by members and are typically along the lines of financial aid, scholarships, study habits, time management, college independence, volunteer opportunities, opinions of first generation college students, and campus resources you may not know about.  Meetings may occasionally be held by faculty, staff, or community professionals either sharing encouragements or their personal stories of being the first in their family to attend college.

What all can I do through the organization?

  •  The list of things IWU F1RST can help you do is endless.  Volunteer opportunities will always be available, the organization sponsors events such as ‘IWU Dog Daze” that you can take part in, attend conferences, serve as a mentor in local high schools to upcoming first generation college students, or fundraise for a cause that is important to you – just to name a few.  Our goal is to help you help yourself and get the most out of your college experience.


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