Login screen changes for IWU Google services

Hi everyone,

Just a heads-up, over the weekend our campus login for Google was changed from the old “auth” single sign-on to the new “login” SSO. Now the login page for Google apps will look like this:

IWU login prompt

Some of our community may have bookmarks or shortcuts that open their mail/calendar/drive. Some of those bookmarks or shortcuts may point to the old “auth” system, which means you might be faced with a double login.
If you have a shortcut to a Google service that includes “auth” in the URL I recommend remaking the shortcut to point directly to the service (http://gmail.iwu.edu for example).
Most of campus has been successfully logging in using the new system, but a few individuals have encountered issues. One short-term fix is to try an alternative web browser. For example, if you are normally a Google Chrome user, try Firefox or Safari and enter http://gmail.iwu.edu in the URL toolbar.
If this doesn’t help, please let us know – email IT@iwu.edu or call us at 309-556-3900.
Illinois Wesleyan IT Services

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