Windows 10 Coming to a Lab near you

I am considering starting to roll out Windows 10 in some areas of Campus to start of the process of moving away from Windows 7 which Microsoft and other Third Party softwares will soon stop supporting. The current EOL for Windows 7 is 2020, which in the IT world, can show up really quickly if we don’t prepare.

Windows 10 has a different “look” and they have changed the way that “Start” menu works and Microsoft has also changed the names of some of the Items in the Control Panel. For instance, “Printers” is now “Devices and Printers” and the “Add/Remove Programs” is now “Programs and Features“. I would suggest using the search bar to look for a control if you needing to do so. For the most part, this will be a non issue but it will affect some of the power users that are used to the old menus.

Please note that we do have some older softwares that have not been updated in a very long time (since about or before 2002, yes we are still running some that old) have stopped working over the last few years and I will imagine that there will be more that will stop working unless there is an updated version that is available.

Areas under consideration are:

SFH 122
SFH 323
CLA 200
Ames 129
Ames Information Commons
Ames Scholarly Workstations
Ames Thorpe Center

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